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Cessna CJ2 Plus Air Charter Flight Plane
Duration : Executive Jet
Destination : All over India
Tour Id : CJ 2006
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Citation business jet aircraft by Cessna (a Textron company) include a family of models of which the first prototype flew in 1969. Designed and certificated for five passengers and up to two crew but typically fitted out for four passengers and up to two crew, the CJ1 plus, the successor to the year 2000 model CJ1, was first announced at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) trade show in 2004.

The successor to the Cessna CJ2, the CJ2 plus, which can seat up to eight passengers but is typically fitted out for six, entered service in 2006 and crossed the 101st delivery landmark in May 2008.

The CJ1 plus is powered by two Williams FJ44-1AP engines each generating 8.74kN of thrust. The CJ2 plus is more powerful and is powered by two Williams FJ44-3A engines generating 11.08kN of thrust each.

Flight deck
The Cessna CJ plus series is equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, which incorporates flat panel, active matrix LCDs (liquid crystal displays) for the pilot and co-pilot. Both the CJ1 plus and the CJ2 plus have FADEC (full authority digital engine control) and are certified for one-pilot operation.

In addition to the Collins RTA-800 weather radar, satellite broadcast graphical weather is now standard equipment on the CJ2 plus.

The CJ1 plus's 3.35m-long cabin is usually configured for four passengers. The slightly larger CJ2 plus's 4.14m long cabin usually accommodates six passengers.

The passenger seats are designed to track into the aisle for maximum shoulder room and a cabin cabinet is now a standard feature. The baggage compartments for the CJ1 plus and CJ2 plus are 1.27m³ and 1.84m³ respectively.

Typical Seating Configuration
CJ1 plus: four passengers plus one two pilots

CJ1 plus: 14.30m

CJ1 plus: 12.98m

Overall Height
CJ1 plus: 4.19m

Baggage Capacity
CJ1 plus: 1.27m³

CJ1 plus: 1.45m

CJ1 plus: 1.47m

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