20 February 2020
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Helicopter makes emergency landing at Florida
24 February 2011
Florida: A helicopter made an emergency landing early Tuesday morning. It happened around 6:10 a.m. on SR 50 near Taylor Creek Road.

The Florida Highway  
Magnitude 4.3 earthquake shakes Mendocino County
24 February 2011
At approximately 8:50 p.m. Tuesday evening, a magnitude 4.3 quake was felt locally.

The epicenter of the seismic activity was located three miles below t  read more...
Plane crashes near Connersville
24 February 2011
Indiana:: The pilot of a small aircraft was killed after a plane crashed in Connersville, Indiana.

Indiana State Police Pendleton District troopers are ass 
2.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Sonoma County
22 February 2011
A 2.2 magnitude earthquake shook Sonoma County early this morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake struck at about 3:56 a.m. and was cen  read more...
Plane makes emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport
22 February 2011
USA: A passenger plane made an emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport this morning after the pilot reported a burning smell in the cockpit.

Many flights canceled or delayed at Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport
22 February 2011
USA: The Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport is open, but many flights have been delayed or canceled, according to airports website.

Fifteen dep 
3.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Wildomar
21 February 2011
Wildomar: A 3.9-magnitude earthquake hit one mile west of Wildomar and rattled Riverside County on Sunday.

An early USGS report stated the quake hit at a  read more...
Plane makes emergency landing on Boones Creek Road
21 February 2011
USA: A single engine prop plane was forced to land this afternoon on Boones Creek Road in Johnson City. Johnson City Police say the plane's engine was failing.

Delta flight makes emergency landing in Florida
21 February 2011
Florida: A Delta Air Lines flight from Florida to Minneapolis made an emergency return landing in Florida Sunday after one of its engines broke apart, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.
Delta fined for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities
19 February 2011
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) assessed a civil penalty of $2 million against Delta Air Lines for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities.

This civil penalty is  
Minor earthquake hits near Tres Pinos
19 February 2011
A 3.2 magnitude earthquake occurred Friday morning near Tres Pinos, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake happened at 8:39 a.m. and register 
5.1 magnitude earthquake hits Baja
19 February 2011
The National Earthquake Center in Golden, says a preliminary magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck Baja, Mexico, Friday south of San Luis, Arizona.

Seismologis 
Beechcraft airplane make crash landing in Tulsa International Airport
19 February 2011
Tulsa: The Federal Aviation Administration will conduct an investigation after a pilot made an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport Friday afternoon.

Plane makes emergency landing Grant County International Airport
19 February 2011
Moses Lake: A private aircraft carrying eight passengers from Pasco made an emergency landing at the Grant County International Airport.

The Falcon 10 jet pilo 
2 jets land safely in Massachusetts after lightning strike
19 February 2011
USA: Two JetBlue airliners en route to Boston were struck by lightning late last night, forcing one to make an emergency landing after the smell of smoke was reported in the cockpit.

False alarm delays flights at Reagan National Airport
19 February 2011
A flight had an emergency landing at Reagan National Airport on Friday morning due to a false alarm. US Airways flight 3116 from Manchester was descending into the airport when a flight attendant repo  read more...
St. Augustine Airport runway closed after plane makes hard landing
19 February 2011
USA: Part of one runway is closed at the St. Augustine Airport after a plane that's taking part in this weekend's air show crashed during take off.

Accor 
A small airplane landed in Idaho Falls after a lightning strike
17 February 2011
USA: Wednesday night weather caused problems for a single engine plane.

According to Idaho Falls Police lightning hit the two seat plane forcing it to ma  read more...
Bodies recovered in area of Kauai plane crash
17 February 2011
Kauai: Kauai Fire Department divers recovered two bodies off Kauai's south shore at about 4:50 p.m. Wednesday.

While not identified at this time, officials 
Small earthquake shakes near Idyllwild
16 February 2011
A magnitude-3.0 earthquake was recorded today in the San Jacinto Mountains area, about eight miles from Idyllwild.

The epicenter of the 12:55 p.m. temblor was  
4.3 earthquake shakes Mount St. Helens
16 February 2011
USA: An earthquake measured at a magnitude of 4.3 struck near Mount St. Helens in Washington state on Monday, shaking an area extending north to Puget Sound and south across the Oregon border.
United flight from Los Angeles makes emergency landing in Colorado
16 February 2011
USA: A United Airlines flight that took off from Los Angeles International Airport made an emergency landing Tuesday morning in Colorado after the pilot reported smoke in the cargo hold.

Small plane has emergency landing in Danville
16 February 2011
Danville: A small plane had a small emergency and landed at a small Indiana airport Monday.

The single engine Piper was having problems with the landing gear,   read more...
False alarm delays flights at Northwest Florida Regional Airport
14 February 2011
Eglin Afb: A Northwest Florida Regional Airport fire alarm that delayed Sunday morning flights turned out to be a false one.

Warning light forces plane to make emergency landing at Easterwood
11 February 2011
USA: A warning light forced a College Station bound plane to declare an emergency landing at Easterwood Airport Thursday evening.

A United Continental Ai 
Robbinsville Airport shut in bomb scare
11 February 2011
Robbinsville: A beeping metal detector inside a UPS package caused a bomb scare that shut down Trenton-Robbinsville Airport yesterday morning.

A driver 
Weather causes delay and cancellation at Montgomery airport
10 February 2011
USA: Winter weather caused the cancellation of an inbound and outbound flight between Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and the Montgomery Regional Airport this afternoon.

Flight to Tokyo delayed after knife found on board
10 February 2011
Bloomington: A plane leaving the Minneapolis to St. Paul International Airport headed for Tokyo on Tuesday had to be sent back to the gate and deplaned after a knife was found on board, the Metrop  read more...
Helicopter damaged during hard landing in USA
10 February 2011
Lafayette: Emergency crews were called to a landing strip at the Purdue University Airport after a military helicopter was was damaged during a hard landing.

Southwest flight makes emergency landing in Omaha
10 February 2011
Omaha: Southwest Airlines flight en route from Omaha to St. Louis returned safely to Eppley Airfield in Omaha after the crew reported smelling smoke in the cabin.

4.7 magnitude earthquake hits 180 miles west of Coos Bay
09 February 2011
Coos Bay: A 4.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded at 10:44 p.m. Monday about 180 miles off the coast of Coos Bay.

There were no reports that the quake was  
Earthquake shakes Greater Victoria
09 February 2011
USA: A minor earthquake was felt in Greater Victoria Tuesday morning, at 8:36 a.m.

The 3.2 magnitude earthquake originated 23 kilometres northeast of Vic  read more...
Power outage disrupts Newark Airport
08 February 2011
New York: A power outage briefly crippled Newark airport outside New York on Monday.

Departures were delayed as a result of the 1hour to half an hour ele  read more...
Helicopter sparks emergency at Aberdeen Airport
08 February 2011
USA: A Helicopter sparked an emergency in Aberdeen today after reports that one of its engines had caught fire.

It was understood a small amount of excess  
Toilet placed outside Towson courthouse causes bomb scare
08 February 2011
A toilet decorated with newspaper articles, a cell phone and several notes referring to a killing in Illinois was placed in front of the Baltimore County Circuit Courthouse in Towson this morning,  read more...
Light earthquake hits Yellowstone
07 February 2011
West Yellowstone: A light earthquake has struck Yellowstone National Park.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports the temblor hit at about 1 a.m. Saturda  read more...
4.0 magnitude earthquake hits Baja California
07 February 2011
San Diego: A magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck Sunday afternoon in Baja California, but there were no reports of injuries or damage in San Diego.

The qua 
Orlando International Airport terminal evacuated flights delayed
07 February 2011
USA: A suspicious bag found at Orlando International Airport brings out the bomb squad and causes congestion at the airport for hours.

Flights cancelled due to snow storms in Dallas and Houston
05 February 2011
USA: Snowstorms in Dallas and Houston have forced cancellations of flights to and from El Paso International Airport.

Southwest Airlines and Continental ha 
Emergency landing at San Jose Airport
05 February 2011
USA: A private aircraft with a faulty landing gear had to make an emergency landing at Mineta San Jose International Airport Friday morning. The incident occurred shortly before 11:30am when the B  read more...
United Airlines announces non stop flights returning to Missoula
05 February 2011
Missoula: United Airlines has announced the return of non-stop service from Missoula International Airport to Chicago and to San Francisco. The season flights will run from June 9th until August 2  read more...
Bomb scare at Sonoma County Airport
05 February 2011
An unattended bag at the Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport brought out the Sonoma County sheriff's bomb squad and disrupted airport terminal operations for a half hour on Friday.

Winter Storm Warning Issued in USA
05 February 2011
USA: Just days after the biggest snow in Tulsa history another big snow is set to hit parts of eastern Oklahoma Friday.

As if fourteen to twenty inches of  
Plane makes emergency landing at spirit of St Louis airport
04 February 2011
Chesterfield: Six people on a Hawker jet are uninjured after the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield.

Airline cancellations affect flights to and from Killeen
04 February 2011
USA: Continental Airlines flights between Houston and Killeen that were canceled yesterday may cause further cancellations or delays at Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport.

Austin airport flights canceled and delayed
04 February 2011
The recent winter weather snap has stymied air travel nationwide, including in Austin.

Austin to Bergstrom International Airport was forced to cancel mor  read more...
Jet lands in Omaha after crew smells smoke in cabin
04 February 2011
Omaha: A plane was forced to make an emergency landing Wednesday. Fumes in the cabin put rescue crews on stand by for a Southwest jet.

Southwest flight 1 
Airlines slowly resume flights but still cancel in USA
04 February 2011
Airlines are slowly resuming flights across the U.S. following the massive storm that paralyzed airports from Texas to Maine.

Even so, another 1,800 flight 
Dozens of flights canceled and delayed at SLC International Airport
03 February 2011
The second day of a massive winter storm spanning the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard states resulted in dozens of flights into and out of Salt Lake City being canceled Wednesday.

Winter blast leads to cancelled flights at Harrisburg International Airport
03 February 2011
USA: By Wednesday night, things had nearly returned to normal at Harrisburg International Airport.

That was not the case earlier in the day, when 16 of 1  read more...
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