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Emergency Landing News
Helicopter makes emergency landing at Florida
24 February 2011
Florida: A helicopter made an emergency landing early Tuesday morning. It happened around 6:10 a.m. on SR 50 near Taylor Creek Road.

The Florida Highway  
Plane makes emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport
22 February 2011
USA: A passenger plane made an emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport this morning after the pilot reported a burning smell in the cockpit.

Lufthansa passenger plane makes emergency landing at Ezeiza airport
22 February 2011
An Germany bound Lufthansa passenger plane carrying over 200 people had an emergency landing at the Ezeiza Airport after calling in reporting an engine malfunction for reasons that remain to be invest  read more...
Miami bound flight makes emergency landing at Las Americas
22 February 2011
Santo Domingo: A serious hydraulic system failure on Sunday forced an American Airlines Boeing 767 jet with 188 passengers on board heading to Miami from Port-au-Prince to make an emergency landin  read more...
Delta flight makes emergency landing in Florida
21 February 2011
Florida: A Delta Air Lines flight from Florida to Minneapolis made an emergency return landing in Florida Sunday after one of its engines broke apart, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.
Plane makes emergency landing on Boones Creek Road
21 February 2011
USA: A single engine prop plane was forced to land this afternoon on Boones Creek Road in Johnson City. Johnson City Police say the plane's engine was failing.

Beechcraft airplane make crash landing in Tulsa International Airport
19 February 2011
Tulsa: The Federal Aviation Administration will conduct an investigation after a pilot made an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport Friday afternoon.

Plane makes emergency landing Grant County International Airport
19 February 2011
Moses Lake: A private aircraft carrying eight passengers from Pasco made an emergency landing at the Grant County International Airport.

The Falcon 10 jet pilo 
A small airplane landed in Idaho Falls after a lightning strike
17 February 2011
USA: Wednesday night weather caused problems for a single engine plane.

According to Idaho Falls Police lightning hit the two seat plane forcing it to ma  read more...
Small plane has emergency landing in Danville
16 February 2011
Danville: A small plane had a small emergency and landed at a small Indiana airport Monday.

The single engine Piper was having problems with the landing gear,   read more...
United flight from Los Angeles makes emergency landing in Colorado
16 February 2011
USA: A United Airlines flight that took off from Los Angeles International Airport made an emergency landing Tuesday morning in Colorado after the pilot reported smoke in the cargo hold.

US Airways make emergency landing at Ottawa airport
14 February 2011
Ottawa: A US Airways flight made an emergency landing at the Ottawa airport Sunday night after fumes were found in the cabin and cockpit, according to the airline.
Warning light forces plane to make emergency landing at Easterwood
11 February 2011
USA: A warning light forced a College Station bound plane to declare an emergency landing at Easterwood Airport Thursday evening.

A United Continental Ai 
Southwest flight makes emergency landing in Omaha
10 February 2011
Omaha: Southwest Airlines flight en route from Omaha to St. Louis returned safely to Eppley Airfield in Omaha after the crew reported smelling smoke in the cabin.

Plane makes emergency landing in Blenheim
09 February 2011
An Air Nelson plane made a dramatic landing at Blenheim Airport this afternoon after its front landing gear failed to deploy and lock into place.

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Passenger airliner makes emergency landing in Siberia
09 February 2011
Russia: A passenger airliner with 228 people on board en route from the Russian east Siberian city of Kemerovo to Bangkok made an emergency landing in Novosibirsk on Wednesday morning.

Passengers walk away after aircraft crashes in Sydney street
09 February 2011
Melbourne: A light aircraft, carrying two persons and their pet dog, crashed in a busy street in Sydney, but the passengers had a miraculous escape as they walked away with minor injuries only.read more...
Uni Air flight forced to make landing in Penghu
09 February 2011
A Uni Air aircraft bound for Kinmen yesterday had to make an emergency landing in Penghu because of system irregularities, an official with Makung Airport in Penghu.

Helicopter sparks emergency at Aberdeen Airport
08 February 2011
USA: A Helicopter sparked an emergency in Aberdeen today after reports that one of its engines had caught fire.

It was understood a small amount of excess  
Gulf Air plane makes emergency landing in Oman
07 February 2011
Manama: A Gulf Air plane en route from Kuala Lumpur to Bahrain had to make an emergency landing in Oman after the captain fell ill six hours into the journey, the airline said.

Emergency landing at San Jose Airport
05 February 2011
USA: A private aircraft with a faulty landing gear had to make an emergency landing at Mineta San Jose International Airport Friday morning. The incident occurred shortly before 11:30am when the B  read more...
Jet lands in Omaha after crew smells smoke in cabin
04 February 2011
Omaha: A plane was forced to make an emergency landing Wednesday. Fumes in the cabin put rescue crews on stand by for a Southwest jet.

Southwest flight 1 
Plane makes emergency landing at spirit of St Louis airport
04 February 2011
Chesterfield: Six people on a Hawker jet are uninjured after the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield.

Octopus helicopter makes emergency landing in Argentina
02 February 2011
A helicopter from the 414-foot M/Y Octopus made an emergency landing on water off Ushuaia yesterday while en route to pick up the boss, Microsoft co founder Paul Allen.

Plane makes emergency landing at Logan
01 February 2011
Logan: A British Airways flight carrying 13 crew members bound for London made an emergency landing yesterday at Logan International Airport after a report of smoke in the cabin.

Plane makes emergency landing on route 80 in Hackensack
01 February 2011
Hackensack: A small plane made an emergency landing on Interstate 80 in Hackensack, New Jersey Monday afternoon, state police have confirmed.

The plane,  
Lufthansa passenger dies in flight
01 February 2011
Kolkata: A Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Singapore with 300 passengers on board on Saturday made an emergency landing at Kolkata airport following a medical complication related to a passenge  read more...
Emergency Landing of a plane at Jefferson County Airport
29 January 2011
Denver: A pilot heading to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Jefferson County Friday morning said he lost all of the plane's controls in the minutes before landing.

Egyptian Airline makes emergency landing over bomb scare
29 January 2011
Greece: An Egyptian Airlines plane with more than 230 people on board made an emergency landing at the Athens International Eleytherios Venizelos airport Friday due to a bomb scare.

American Airlines jet makes emergency landing in Jamaica
29 January 2011
Jamaica: The 155 American Airlines passengers who landed at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St James, yesterday when the Boeing 757 they were travelling in developed engine problems  read more...
Emergency landing for Air NZ flight after bird strike
27 January 2011
A jet aircraft carrying 115 people had to make an emergency landing at Dunedin airport this evening following a bird strike.

Police were alerted to the plight  
Plane makes safe emergency landing in Lynchburg
27 January 2011
Lynchburg, VA - A U.S. Airways pilot had to make an emergency landing at Lynchburg Regional Airport Wednesday morning, after the plane was struck by lightning.

Qantas plane makes emergency landing in Bangkok
27 January 2011
A Qantas Airways Ltd Boeing 747 plane was forced to turn back to Bangkok and make an emergency landing due to "technical problems," a Bangkok-based air traffic controller said on Wednesday.

Plane makes emergency landing at Burlington airport
25 January 2011
Washington: A United Express plane conducted an emergency landing Monday morning at Burlington International Airport shortly after departing for Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C.
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Jet makes emergency landing in Norfolk
24 January 2011
Norfolk: A US Airways regional jet made an emergency landing at Norfolk International Airport Saturday night after a warning light indicated a possible problem with the landing gear.

Plane makes emergency landing in Oakland
24 January 2011
Oakland: Southwest Airlines plane that left San Francisco International Airport for Chicago on Saturday afternoon made an emergency landing in Oakland for a warning light, which turned out to be a fal  read more...
Emergency Landing Disrupts Flight To Phoenix
24 January 2011
Phoenix: A U.S. Airways flight from Chicago to Phoenix was cut short after an electrical problem forced pilots to make an emergency landing in Omaha.

Kingfisher flight makes emergency landing
20 January 2011
Mumbai: A Kingfisher flight made an emergency landing at Mumbai airport on Wednesday afternoon.

The AirbusA-20 had taken off from Mumbai airport at 1.52 pm b  read more...
Flight from Vancouver to New York makes two emergency landings
17 January 2011
USA: A Cathay Pacific flight bound for New York made two emergency landings in Vancouver Saturday night following reports of a strange smell in the cabin.

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Flight makes emergency landing at Bangalore
17 January 2011
Bangalore:  The Bangalore airport witnessed a minor scare today after a Kingfisher flight made an emergency landing.

The flight IT-4817 flying from Bangal 
Plane crash and lands on Venice beach in Italy
15 January 2011
Venice: A plane crashed in the Gulf of Mexico near the South Jetty shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

There were no fatalities, but the pilot, Walter Macedo (49)  read more...
Chartered plane makes emergency landing in Kolkata
14 January 2011
Kolkata: A chartered plane of Deccan Charters airline made an emergency landing at the NSCB International Airport here on Thursday evening, with 21 on board, minutes before its scheduled arrival from   read more...
Plane makes emergency landing at Sacramento airport after bird strike
14 January 2011
Sacramento: An Alaskan Airlines flight leaving Sacramento International Airport around 6:20 p.m. Wednesday had to turn back to make an emergency landing.

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Emergency Landing at Jacksonville International Airport
11 January 2011
Jacksonville: Everybody is safe following an emergency landing at Jacksonville International Airport late this morning.

According to airport spokesman, Delta f 
Emergency landing of Air Iceland Plane at Flesland Airport in Bergen
05 January 2011
Bergen: At Flesland Airport in Bergen, Norway was on emergency alert yesterday evening after a cockpit fire warning light went on and passengers smelled burning aboard an Air Iceland plane on approach  read more...
US flight makes emergency landing as pilot spilled coffee
05 January 2011
Toronto:  A US flight from Chicago to the German city of Frankfurt, with 255 people on board, reportedly made an emergency landing in Canada because the pilot spilled his coffee in the cockpit.read more...
Russia plane engine fails at landing
06 December 2010
Russia: On Saturday, two engines of a Dagestan-bound Tupolev-154 plane that crashed at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, killing two and injuring over 80 people turned off at a height of about 9 kilometers  read more...
Emergency landing of Air India flight at Indira Gandhi International airport
26 November 2010
New Delhi: On Thursday, at Indira Gandhi International airport, an Air India flight bound for Patna had to be called back to make an emergency landing after the pilot detected a technical snag in the   read more...
Second Qantas jet in engine scare
06 November 2010
06Nov, Singapore: On Friday, a Qantas airline jumbo jet has made an emergency landing in Singapore
because of an engine problem.

The Sydney-bound Boeing 747 
Qantas plane lands safely in Singapore after scare
04 November 2010
04Nov, Singapore: On Thursday, a Qantas Airways passengers plane carrying 459 people  was preparing to make an emergency landing because one of its engines shut down over western Indonesia.
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